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Your source of aerospace fasteners hardware and mil-specific Fasteners. We supply Fully Traceable MS Military Fasteners, AN Military Fasteners, NAS Military Fasteners and DFAR Compliant Fasteners.

Mack Fasteners, Inc.

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Mack Military Mil-Spec Fasteners

Index of Stock Military Fasteners:

Hex Cap Screws

ASME B18.2.1 BD, Coarse, Yellow Zinc
ASME B18.2.1 GrBD, Fine, Yellow Zinc
MS35307, Coarse, 300-Series SS
MS35308, Fine, 300-Series SS

MS90725 Gr5, Coarse, Cad Yellow
MS90726 Gr5, Fine, Cad Yellow
MS90727 Gr5, Fine, Yellow Zinc
MS90728 Gr8, Coarse, Yellow Zinc

Hex Nuts

MS51967B Grade B, Coarse, Hex Nut
MS51967C Grade C, Coarse, Hex Nut
MS35649 & MS35650 Hex M/S Nuts:

300-Series SS Coarse (MS35649C)
300-Series SS Fine (MS35650C)
Steel Cad Yellow, Coarse (MS35649)
Steel Cad Yellow, Fine (MS35650)

Machine Screws

MS24693 100-deg Flat Phil Coarse & Fine SS w/Blk Ox
MS24693 100-deg Flat Phil Coarse & Fine Stl Cad Y
MS24693-C 100-deg Flat Phil Coarse & Fine SS
MS35190 82-deg Flat Phil Coarse Stl Cad
MS35191 82-deg Flat Phil Fine Stl Cad
MS35206 Pan Phil Coarse Steel Cad Y
MS35207 Pan Phil Fine Steel Cad Y
MS35265 Drilled Slotted Fillister, Coarse Stl Cad
MS35266 Drilled Slotted Fillister, Fine Stl Cad
MS35275 Drilled Slotted Fillister Coarse SS
MS35276 Drilled Slotted Fillister Fine SS
MS51957 Pan Phil Coarse SS
MS51957 Pan Phil Coarse SS w/Blk Ox
MS51958 Pan Phil Fine SS
MS51958 Pan Phil Fine SS w/Blk Ox
MS51959 82-deg Flat Phil Coarse SS
MS51960 82-deg Flat Phil Fine SS

Self-Tapping Screws

MS21318 Round Type-U Drive Steel Cad
MS51861 Pan Phil Type-AB 410 SS
MS51861 Pan Phil Type-AB Steel Cad

Socket Cap Screws

MS16997 Socket Cap Cad Yellow
NAS1351 Socket Cap, Fine, 300-series SS
NAS1351 Socket Cap Fine A286 SS
NAS1352 Socket Cap Coarse 300-series SS
NAS1352 Socket Cap Coarse A286 SS


AN960 Flat Stl Cad y
AN960-C Flat 18-8 SS
AN960-CL Flat 18-8 SS
AN960-L Flat Stl Cad Y
AN970 Flat Stl Cad Y
MS15795 Flat 300-series
MS15795 Flat 300-series SS w/Black Oxide
MS27183 Flat Stl Cad
MS35333 Int. Tooth 410 SS
MS35333 Int. Tooth Mechanical Z Yellow
MS35335 Ext. Tooth 410 SS
MS35338 Split Lk 316 SS
MS35338 Split Lk 400-series SS
MS35338 Split Lk Stl Zinc Yellow
MS51848 High Collar Split Lk, Stl Black Phos
MS51848 High Collar Split Lk Stl Zinc-II
NAS620 Flat 300-series SS
NAS620 Light Flat 300-series SS
NAS1149 Flat SS
NAS1149 Flat Light series SS

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